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Foot Life Podiatry has a special interest in the relief and prevention of foot, leg and back pain related to incorrect alignment of the feet.

If you enjoy an active lifestyle and want to keep it that way, we can help.

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    Our aim is to provide you with the best advice and the most modern treatment available for you and your family.

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    Foot Life is a progressive podiatry clinic that has cared for over 100,000 clients since 1980.

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    We have a special interest in postural and biomechanical care.

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    We are confident you won’t find a better team!

Heel Pain

In adults the most common cause of heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis.  The plantar fascia is a large thick band of connective tissue, which helps support the arch of the foot.  The Fascia attaches to the heel bone which can become very inflamed, causing severe pain (particularly in the morning). Often this is caused by poor foot posture.  If you suspect you have Plantar Fasciitis, contact Foot Life today!

Foot Life Podiatry has looked after the Tweed Heads region for over 30 years including areas such as Terranora, Banora Point, Murwillumbah, Condong, Nunderi, Casuarina, Pottsville, Kingscliff, Coolangatta, Kirra and even down to Mullumbimby!

Postural Podiatry

Just like a building, your feet are the foundation for your body, skeleton and spine. Podiatrists believe that if your feet are not aligned correctly, certain muscles, joints and ligaments in your feet, legs and spine are much more likely to suffer overuse and fatigue, leading to injury and pain.

Podiatrists at Foot Life have a special interest in treating functional limb length discrepancies (LLD). If your posture functions as though one leg is longer than the other, the pelvis and ships will not be level, which means that the lower spine must twist or curve to one side, resulting in scoliosis. Custom orthotics can be made to reduce the functional LLD and scoliosis. Pain on one side of the body at the hips, buttocks, lower or thighs may be an indication of LLD.

Children & Orthotics

Foot Life Podiatry has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of children’s foot disorders.

We care for problems such as “Flat Feet”, in-toed gait, knock knees, “growing pains”, tripping/clumsiness or uneven shoe wear. About 40% of all our postural assessments are for children!

Good treatment depends on good assessment and diagnosis. Most commonly “clumsy kids” are hypermobile which refers to their elastic properties of their connective tissue. This leads to excessive movement causing “growing pains” and other postural problems. Podiatrists can help these kids by improving their proprioception (awareness of their limbs in space) by wearing custom orthotics.

Depending on the age of the child, diagnosis and sporting activities, a treatment care plan may involve exercises, footwear advice, physiotherapy and off-the-shelf or custom made orthotics.

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